Parts Selection Circuit Topology
Rotel engineers spend many hours listening to and selecting electronic parts from potential suppliers to give our components the best reliability and acoustic advantages. It costs a little more, but we believe the benefits further differentiate Rotel's quality from mainstream audio/video manufacturer.

It's not enough to simply use better parts. Where you put them is equally important. That's why we rely heavily on something we call Symmetrical Signal Trace design. This keeps each channel's signal path identical to the others to preserve imaging and sound staging. We also use "star" grounding techniques wherever possible to improve performance (a method of terminating all ground points in a starshaped pattern on a single plane that reduces ground potential).

Critical Evaluation    
We've found that human hearing is more sensitive than even sophisticated instruments in the hands of experienced engineers. We set up listening sessions to various development stages, not just the final pre-production prototype, to ensure the performance of a new models as good as it can possibly be.    
15 Series Components
Our 15 Series components represent everything we've learned about audio/video electronic design over the past 50 years. We have applied that education to improving every facet of the 15 Series, and it has paid off handsomely in better performance across the brand.