Rotel China values the privacy of its registered users. This page explains our privacy and data-protection practices. Collecting personal information helps us to provide information and services that are valuable to Rotel owners and other users of this web site. It also helps us to develop new services and offers that meet your personal needs and tastes.

What information is collected?
The main information we collect is that submitted by Rotel customers in the Warranty Registration Form. This information enables us to register you for your warranty rights. In addition, information is compiled relating to the browsing patterns of visitors to this site. This information is only analysed in general terms - no individual registered user is identified.

How is the information used?
Any personal information you give when completing the Warranty Registration Form is only disclosed to anyone outside of Rotel where it is required to fulfil one of our free or money-saving offers. Rotel will use aggregated information about registered users, in order to improve our service to you. Site traffic information is used to determine which areas and services in the site are popular with visitors. Again, this helps us to improve the online services we provide to you. If you provide your e-mail address to us it is used to send you information about important changes and improvements to the site, and to the Rotel and / or B&W product range. Each time you receive an e-mail from us you have the option to decline to receive further marketing information of this kind.

Do we use cookies?
No, the Rotel web site does not use cookies*

* A cookie is a small amount of information sent from a web site to your computer to help the web site quickly identify the user.